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Taut and unnerving; Lambing Season is about a son who comes to understand that all he has ever known is a lie and all he has gained from the truth is fear
The area is changing. People are disappearing. What has that got to do with coffee?
Wash Club
A moody and stylish thriller that playfully impersonates David Fincher’s Fight Club, Simon Dymond’s short is a surprisingly tense and utterly compelling.
two girls sitting down in a bath showering (conjoined twins)
There is nothing standing in the way of aspiring actress Donna and the leading role in her school production – except her unsupportive conjoined twin Rhonna.
a bunch of people celebrating with whistles and banners etc.
A young couple come home to find their friends have thrown them a surprise baby shower, whether they like it or not…
a girl stands on the edge of the top of a building with other tall buildings around her
A grief-stricken video archivist becomes increasingly obsessed with the meaning behind a sinister television broadcast.