A Six and Two Threes

12:30 | 2016 FUNDED BY NETWORK
a boy on a bike cycling next to an older boy walking across a bridge

A Six and Two Threes follows Sean as he searches for his father Mick. When he hits a dead end, Sean is forced to rely on the help of loner Mackenzie. It isn't long before Sean regrets his decision as Mac leads him across the estate on a seemingly never-ending quest. When they finally reach their destination Sean is confronted with the truth about his father and finds he isn't all that dissimilar from Mac after all.

Writer/Director: Andy Berriman

Producer: Maria Caruana Galizia

Genre: Comedy

A Six and Two Threes


Featuring razor sharp dialogue and strong central performances from the two young leads, the film explores how two kids, quite literally from opposite sides of the tracks, discover they have much more in common than it might appear on the surface. With its strong sense of place, character and storytelling, A Six and Two Threes embodies the spirit of the iShorts scheme.

Jess Loveland, Development Executive

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