Best of the Postroom: We Are Watching - Part 1

Discovery is at the heart of everything that we do, and for us the Postroom is the ultimate space for discovery.

26 July 2016
We love reading and watching your work, and being exposed to talent that is (for the most part) new to us. Whether it's a 3 min laugh out loud comedy, or an 11 min documentary about bull fighting, we are constantly astonished by the level of talent, originality and imagination. From comedies that have made us howl at our desks, to experimental films that push the boundaries of our thinking, and animations that completely blow us away with their innovation, the team here are continually impressed by the amount of variety and ambition in your films and scripts.  
It has been a little over a year now since the website launched, and we have plenty of plans up our sleeves for how we can give back more to those of you that share your work with us. But for now, here are just some of our highlights from the Postroom so far. 
My Mother
Jay Bedwani’s documentary My Mother, was one of the earlier submissions to the Postroom, and upon re-watching, it continues to blow us away. The delicacy of his exploration of Gustavo’s relationship with his mother, and Donna’s artistry, culminates in his film. At one point, Donna tells us “I like connecting, and I think people like that very much too”: for us, the enduring power of Bedwani's film lies very much in its ability to connect. Since making this short, Jay was able to tour many festivals, and is back in San Francisco after three years, filming Donna for his debut feature film with Truth Department productions.



The subject matter of Melissa Osborne’s film, Change, is as resonant today as ever before, focusing on a black gay teenager in 2008 when Proposition 8 was passed in California. What struck us most is presentation of the domestic setting, as Jamie finds support from his sister whilst his parents and grandparents espouse homophobic beliefs. This chasm between  him and members of his family is explored with subtly, and throughout we're given a clear and poignant picture of the personal conflicts he is battling. Since making Change Melissa has been busy writing and bringing up two children, and expects baby number 3 in a matter of weeks. She has recently finished two TV pilots as well as her feature, EASY OUT, which is currently being circulated to producers in LA.


When Richard (17) neglects his duties on the family farm for the day to be with his girlfriend, it has dangerous consequences for his younger brother Stephen in Joe Spray's script, Calving. A story about loyalty and familial duty, intermingled with the central character’s coming of age, we loved the presentation of rural England and think the premise makes for a strong and evocative short. Joe is currently developing Calving with producers at the production company, Everything Is Okay, as well as writing another short which explores the complexities of living in a multicultural city. His latest short documentary, 'Trough No. 42', is screening out of competition at Kinemastik Film Festival at the end of July, where he’ll also be serving on the jury. Website: