Best of the Postroom: We Are Watching - Part 2

Discovery is at the heart of everything that we do, and for us the Postroom is the ultimate space for discovery.

27 July 2016

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A boy and a girl taking a selfie
Sexlife (2014)

Lauren Orme combines puppetry and animation in Fade, a dreamlike, melancholic music video which brilliantly evoking a sense of loss, wonderment and adventure as two girls discover another world. It is the perfect accompaniment to Oliver Wilde’s song, Fade, and we’re pleased that Lauren is currently finishing pre-production on an animated dark comedy short. At the same time she is working with kids from Newport to make an animated documentary about the lives of female factory workers in World War Two. Lauren also runs bimonthly animation screening nights in Cardiff and is working on starting up a Cardiff Animation Festival, so watch this space.   


We love how Stefan Georgiou’s SexLife deals with the difficulty of getting the spark back in a relationship after pregnancy, perfectly striking the balance between sensitivity and humour. Stefan is now developing a TV series based on the SexLife short with the writer, Kefi Chadwick, as well as writing his next feature film, having just finished directing The Dreams of Bethany Mellmoth for Endor Productions. He is also developing a slate of projects with other writers. 

The Grandad Project

Mariana Serapcios’ script, The Grandad Project, is quirky and sweet short about a friendless 12 year old boy whose mission to bring a friend to Friend’s Day at school leads him to strike up an unlikely friendship with a 70 year old man. Serapcios conveys a strong sense of direction through her characterful piece, and I loved spending time with these characters. The script has recently won the 2016 KCWIFT/KC FilmFest Screenplay Contest, where it was awarded $1,000 which will go towards the making of the film. Mariana is continuing to develop it further, and seeking further funding with the hopes of going into production next year. Website: