Best of the Postroom: We Are Watching - Part 3

Discovery is at the heart of everything that we do, and for us the Postroom is the ultimate space for discovery.

27 July 2016

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A young boy facing a large field in front of him
Joyride (2013)
Pedro Lino’s Terra, a quietly poetic short documentary, had us absorbed from the get go. It is a film of few words, but with real visceral power, beautifully capturing the ageless Portuguese spectacle of the Chegas de Bois and investing it with a near-otherworldly quality. From the grandiose shots of the landscape, to the ceremony of the crowds, and the intimate exploration of the anatomy of the bull: it is a must see. Pedro is now following this with a short fiction film and an essay feature documentary about the mysterious life story of a forgotten rebel filmmaker, which has gained support from the Portuguese Film Council. He is also developing a couple of TV series projects, with a renowned UK production company. Website:

Sargasso Dreams
Jesse D Lawrence's feature length script, Sargasso Dreams, really stuck out to us because of the thematic richness of the material. A film about forgiveness, father-figures and the longing to escape a small town, Lawrence deals with the story of a young boy trying to rebuild a relationship with his father with economy and surprising humour. It makes for a fraught drama, building to a momentous climax. We're glad to hear that Jesse is now planning to re-draft Sargasso Dreams, whilst also working on his short, If You Can Hear Me, about an eleven year-old boy who struggles to make sense of his irreversibly changed world after he finds a suicide in the woods. Having recently secured funding, he is prepping to shoot next year. Alongside this, he is also working on a series of documentaries, and has a number of feature ideas in development.
Produced by Katie Crook and Olivia Gifford, what begins as a joyless ride between a young boy and his troubled mother leads to a hopeful point of connection between the two in Joyride, a taut drama revolving around two poised performances. Katie continues to make award winning short films and music videos with her company, Blue Iris Films (also run by Olivia Gifford). They also co-produced a Dutch/Belgian/Scottish hybrid thriller 'Bodkin Ras', which won the Fipresci Jury Prize at Rotterdam International Film Festival, and has since screened at SXSW.