Best of the Postroom: We Are Watching - Part 4

Discovery is at the heart of everything that we do, and for us the Postroom is the ultimate space for discovery.

27 July 2016

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A man looks angrily at his girlfriend
Pitta Patter (2014)
Pitta Patter
We remember watching Dan Castella’s short, Pitta Patter, and actually laughing out loud. The pacing, the comedy, the performances – all spot on. We cannot wait to see more, which is why it’s brilliant to hear that Dan is currently developing his first sitcoms with Adam Tandy, Channel X and Catalyst Global Media based on Pitta Patter. As well as this, he recently won the straight 8 industry shootout at Cannes, and has made shorts for the likes of Guardian Sports. Website

Alanna Freeman’s stop-motion music video for Taunt is a beautifully crafted piece of animation with a whimsical heart, which impressed us with its striking imagery. Alanna is currently working on a couple of personal projects - illustration as well as animation - including developing a piece of conceptual work she produced as part of her MA (the Modern Memorial) into a short film. Website

Lost to Rhythm

Lost to Rhythm, submitted by producer Sara Jimenez Criado, is a highly visual and artistic short about the prohibition of dance in Iran, told through movement. A script with a powerful message, told in a powerful way celebrates art through dance, drawing parallels between the physical body, and the body politic. Sara is now seeking funding for the project, and alongside this, is currently line producing KOTCHEBI, a short film by award-winning playwright In-Sook Chappell, as well as the micro budget feature THIS FAMILY by Dictynna Hood. She continues to work closely with the director of Lost to Rhythm, Cyrus Trafford, on both a feature film and documentary. Twitter

Two Leaves and a Bud
Katy Rustrick teased us with a clip from her documentary, Two Leaves and a Bud, following the everyday lives of the community in Kenya’s Nandi Hills. At under 2 minutes long, it definitely left us wanting more of everything; the characters, their stories, and most importantly the effects of mass scale production on small communities like this one in Kenya. You can watch the full length short below. Katy is currently living in Luangwa Valley in Zambia and continuing to make short documentaries. Website

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Best of the Postroom as much as we have. There's definitely more to come as we continue to watch, share and be inspired be your work, so watch this space.