The BFI NETWORK Short Film Slate

Find out about which exciting new short-form projects are currently underway with NETWORK

29 April 2021

BFI NETWORK is thrilled to announce the latest slate of short films currently in production across our five regions: Film Hub North, Film Hub Midlands, Film London, Film Hub South East and Film Hub South West.

About A Video
Director: Rajinder Kochar
Writer: Rajinder Kochar
Producer: Paul Harry Thomas

When Rita is exposed in a sex-tape scandal, her mother Sonali and grandmother Babisha are forced to confront their own hidden sex lives. Babisha is a widow, who has only ever experienced love by way of an arranged marriage. Sonali decides to confess that she was not a virgin before she married and in sharing her secret, feels relieved of a sense of guilt and shame. Rita is forgiven and Babisha, who is infatuated with her next-door neighbour finally finds the courage to accept her own sexual desire. 

Baked Beans
Director: Matt Jessup
Writer: Sid Sagar
Producer: Bigger Pictures Productions

Nik, a British Asian actor, auditions for a radical retelling of the 70s classic East is East. Disillusioned and uneasy, he begins to wonder if everyone around him is also stuck in the past.

Brother Nature
Director: Maxy Bianco
Writer: Brian Martin
Producer: Jen Corcoran

Brother Nature is a glitched-up, post-capitalist tale of two brothers living off the land on the margin of the margins. When they discover an unusual substance washed up on the beach, it offers an opportunity to pursue a new dream.

Canned Laughter
Director: Chris Brake
Writer: Chris Brake
Producer: Ryan Bennett

Retired comedian Deirdre Gossamer has knitted herself an appreciative audience in lieu of performing to a real one. But when one of her home-made punters comes to life and destroys her career memorabilia, she’s forced to re-evaluate her attachment to the ‘glory days’ and face the once unthinkable prospect of moving on.

Floating Pomegranate
Director: Parang Khezri
Writer: Parang Khezri
Producer: Laura Wilkinson

A young Iranian immigrant hears about the mystical Tooth Fairy - and makes it her quest to find her.

Good Night Henry
Director: Isher Sahota
Writer: Isher Sahota
Producer: Jamie MacDonald

When the Prime Minister dies in scandalous circumstances, Mr Pageant - his closest advisor - must salvage the country’s free trade deal with the visiting French ambassador whilst limiting the damage a chambermaid may cause to the country’s reputation.

Director-Writer: Michelle Pascal  
Co-Producer: Euella Jackson 
Co-Producer: Ann-Marie McCormack 

 Hats is a comedy-drama about a black, British woman who explores her relationship with her ailing mother in a care home, through an assortment of hats, revealing some culturally complex emotions.  

Director: Maxine Peake
Writer: Hayley Jayne Standing
Producer: Jessica Levick & Shakyra Dowling

A childless woman is told that her longed for unborn baby is incompatible with life. Alone, with her conscience and unable to openly discuss her situation because of society’s stigma surrounding termination for severe congenital malformations, she painfully decides the best way forward.

Director: Tom Young
Writer: Tom Young
Producer: Thomas McDonald

Inspired by true events. West London, 1982. Gay priest Jim Fitzsimmons reaches a decision: he’s going to spend one night with a rent boy. The night will change Jim’s life forever, but not for the reasons he expects.

Director: Simon Smith
Writer: Temi Oh
Producer: Ed Feilden & Helen Simmons

The story of a single mother and her relationship with her non-verbal autistic daughter. Using a magical-realism approach, the narrative subverts the mythology of the Changeling, and promotes Autism Advocacy.

Nails & Beauty
Director: Rhona Foster
Writer: Rhona Foster
Producer: Tuli Litvak

Awkward teen Lucy escapes dull suburbia and archaic gender constraints when she’s thrown into the absurd world of the buff and brilliant builder Louisa at ‘Nails & Beauty’, the alternative beauty salon where Louisa and her assistants perform unconventional beauty makeover treatments involving power tools, cement baths, and unique builders-tea ‘hot-stone’ therapies. Through a revelatory transformation à la Louisa, Lucy discovers a new mode of womanhood and a space where she belongs.

Director: Ella Glendining
Writer: Ella Glendining
Producer: Jessi Gutch

A disabled woman goes back to her hometown for the funeral of a close friend, having moved away and started a family. Feeling discarded, her explosive best friend accuses her of abandoning the friendship group. When she storms away and is found swimming in the sea, they reconcile, but a bold confession has the power to change the course of their friendship.

Odd One Out
Director: Micky Wozny
Writer: Micky Wozny & Liam Hall
Producer: Andrew St Maur

A cycle of prejudice is broken when one ostracised outsider breaks the pattern with rebellious celebration.

one like him
Director: Caitlin McLeod
Writer: Tareq Baconi
Producer: Jessica Palmarozza

A young man must find a way to tell his childhood friend and first love the truth about what happened twenty years ago, when a single moment changed both their lives. When he can’t find the words, the conversation repeats, becoming increasingly surreal until he loses control.

Director: Rico Johnson-Sinclair
Writer: Rico Johnson-Sinclair
Producer: Steven Atkinson

Kanem’s choice to pursue a one night stand unravels.

Director: Charlotte Peters
Writer: Duncan Moore
Producer: Duncan Moore

When a dinner party descends into a vicious sibling argument between Tom and Emily, their partners Jade and Norman can’t wait to escape, but clumsy revelations quickly expose that the one thing they have in common is a truly awkward secret.

Director: Lotus Hannon
Writer: Lotus Hannon
Producer: Kay Loxley

Re-Live is a heroine’s journey honouring how a young woman processes her survival of an assault that occurred whilst out running: Fragile and fragmented, Amy is trapped. Her gritted determination to push past the trauma following the assault, takes Amy step by step, closer to become whole again. How will she learn to heal and recover in order to reclaim her body? 

Director: Dean Puckett
Writer: Dean Puckett
Producer: Rebecca Wolff and Simeon Costello

Seagull is a petty criminal, recovering drug addict and recently turned Vampire, who is about to have a very strange night on The English Riviera. 

Director/Co-Writer: Freya Billington 
Producer: Tamsin(Tiggy) Wiley-Scott 
Producer: Molly Denton 
Co-Writer: Katriel Costello 

Sunday 5pm Chieveley Service Station:  

 As separated parents ‘child-swap' for the week ahead, two strangers, an isolated grandfather, WALLACE and angry teenage son, JOSH, bond through comical commentary on the scenes of broken family chaos they witness through the window, while indirectly sharing issues of their own.

The Hewitt Sisters
Director: Julia Jackman
Writer: Julia Jackman
Producer: Savannah Power, Helen Simmons, Stephanie Aspin

Izzy and Jess are two young sisters who suddenly find themselves alone when their brother Steve is arrested. Steve is desperate, insisting that he is innocent, and he asks Jess to find the person who betrayed him. The film follows the effect his mistake has on the two sisters, who want their family back together but are clearly in way over their heads.

The Walk
Director: Michael Jobling
Writer: Sophie Ellerby
Producer: Anna Griffin

Marooned in his remote village since his bus route was cut, Tony clings onto his resilience to make the 24 mile weekly walk to the nearest Job Centre and back to avoid his benefits being cut.

Director: Kieran Stringfellow
Writer: Kieran Stringfellow
Producer: Tasha Williams

A young single mum kidnaps a dog in a bid to win some prize money at a local dog show.

White Crowe
Director: Theresa Varga
Writer: Adam Bennett-Lea
Producer: Steven Atkinson

World-weary Persephone flees gay shame by escaping with Helen into the woods but something dark, something evil, moves with them.

Director: James Lawson, Phil Wall
Writer: Phil Wall
Producer: Chloe Beale

Deep in the rural British countryside, Alistair, a young gay tree surgeon, navigates a lonely existence. When he meets the beautiful, rugged Fergus amongst a backdrop of lush and secluded woodland, sparks predictably fly. However, when faced with a small town entrenched in traditional values and a community unable to adapt, the two men must make a difficult decision.