BFI NETWORK X BAFTA Crew: Your questions answered

There’s just under a week left to apply, so find out more about what the programme has to offer

16 March 2017
BFI NETWORK X BAFTA Crew is a year-long programme of masterclasses and networking events across the UK and exclusive online Q&As with expert practitioners. There’s just under a week left to apply, so we thought we’d explain more about what the programme has to offer, and why you should apply. 
I've already made a couple of shorts and have been funded too. What will I get out of it?
Well done! BFI NETWORK X BAFTA Crew wants to help you build a professional network as you embark on the next stage of your career. We think it might be helpful for you to hear from a range of filmmakers, including BAFTA nominees and people who have just made their first feature, to try and help you make that giant leap for filmmaker-kind.  Also, being part of the network will connect you to other filmmakers who are doing the same thing, so you can share advice and stories from the trenches of short filmmaking and meet emerging crew talent across all departments who are already working in feature films or broadcast television. Hopefully this will help strengthen your network of future collaborators! 
What kind of masterclasses will there be?
The programme is tailored to the group – BFI NETWORK X BAFTA Crew doesn’t employ a one size fits all approach. Masterclasses and livestreams are usually between 60 and 90 minutes and aim to shine a light on the creative and technical processes of BAFTA-nominated talent and projects at venues across the UK. Depending on the group, these might focus on specific craft areas like cinematography or costume design – such as our 2016 masterclass with Jenny Beavan in Manchester – or perhaps audiences will hear from the creative team behind a BAFTA-nominated film. Based on the needs of the group, we also might focus on certain collaborations, for example between producers and production management (Diarmid Scrimshaw and Barry Ryan from Warp, Sheffied 2016). Our livestream programme will aim to tackle some of the big questions around approaching a first feature eg distribution, casting, budgeting and scheduling. 
How do I know that the people on the programme will have the same level of experience as me?
We’ve set some criteria, which you can find here and we will select the group with an eye on making sure the level of experience of writers, directors and producers works for the group as a whole. 
Will the networking be facilitated?
We will give you a colour-coded badge (seriously) and a glass of wine/beer/juice and put you in the right room. Networking could be a roundtable with 30 people in your department, or something more large-scale with all participants, as well as industry guests and BAFTA members.
Here are some of our tops tips for networking:
Think about three key relationships you’d like to make as part of BFI NETWORK X BAFTA Crew. 
Come to an event with some questions prepared (a good back-up question that everyone likes to answer is ‘what are you working on next?’). Prepare the answer to that yourself. 
Put your best foot forward and just say hello to the person next to you. Everyone is in the same boat.  
I think I'm at the right level, but I'm not quite sure, what now?
Apply, and if you don’t make it this year stay in touch with BFI NETWORK and BAFTA, as we will be running events all year with public tickets available. Some events will be livestreamed for free on BAFTA Guru and BFI NETWORK platforms, so keep an eye out.
What do people get out of the year-long programme? 
Straight from the horse’s mouth, here are some quotes from 2016 participants:
“The people that I have met and heard from have been really inspirational. It's certainly given me a much wider knowledge of the industry as well as my own department.” 
“It has absolutely opened doors and my mind to the other aspects of filmmaking and the parties that represent them.” 
“This is my second year on BAFTA Crew and it’s had such a positive impact on my career and my own personal development. The team is so dedicated and I know I’m not alone in saying that I am certainly better off for joining BAFTA Crew. Thank you.” 
I’ve got a specific project I’d like to workshop and get feedback on, will there be any opportunity to do this?
We plan to run roundtables throughout the year to provide opportunities for specific feedback. Although – heads up – access to these will be prioritised to those with a project heading for production this year as part of BFI NETWORK funded programmes. 
Will I have access to people from BFI and BAFTA?      
There’s a dedicated BFI NETWORK X BAFTA Crew programme producer, and there will be reps from BAFTA or BFI NETWORK at every event (chairing and hosting). In addition to the newsletter and Facebook group, there’s also a dedicated email address for some of life’s big questions. You can also tweet @BAFTAGuru and @BFINETWORK and use the hashtag #BAFTACrew to help us share your insights from the programme with a wider audience.