Get to know: Alice Ramsey

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27 April 2018
You’re having a meal with someone of your choice, living or dead; where are you, what are you eating and who are you dining with?
Great question! Ok, so I’m in a diner somewhere in midwest USA (you’ve all seen enough films/TV to know what the setting would look like), I’m tucking into a delicious cheese burger or cobb salad and a vanilla milkshake and dining with Alice Ramsey. No, not myself, I’m not that egotistical! Alice Huyler Ramsey, the first woman to drive across the USA in 1909 – from NYC to San Francisco – before route 66 was built. I’d love to share a meal with her to ask her about the experience and what it was like being the first at something. She’s an inspiring woman and I urge you all to look into her story – there’s definitely a film idea in there!

Can you pinpoint the moment you knew you wanted to work in the film industry?
I was 17 and I’d made a short film as part of my AS Media Studies coursework that was ‘inspired’ by The Good Girl by Miguel Arteta, starring Jennifer Aniston – my favourite film at the time. I really loved the process and I was lucky enough to be presented with an award from Apple at a mini-awards ceremony held at my school afterwards. Honestly, I felt like I’d won an Oscar! Sat in the audience was an editor, Bob Dearberg, who’d worked in the industry who then sent me a letter saying the film was far from perfect – agreed! – but that I had something and that I shouldn’t give up. That was the confidence boost I needed at the time to make me believe I could turn it into a career. I decided pretty early on that directing wasn’t for me, looking back I wonder if my decision not to pursue it was more down to a lack of confidence than anything else. 

If you could watch just one film for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
My mum tells me that when I was a child I used to finish watching a film and then rewind it to the beginning to watch all over again. If I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of re-watching films these days – there’s just too much good content out there! - and I love the experience of watching something new and diving into a new set of characters, story and world. I’ve also sometimes been disappointed when I’ve revisited films as I’ve not loved them as much the second time around. Saying that, there is one film I watch every year without fail and that’s Home Alone. I’m guessing it’s the winning combination of Macaulay Culkin, nostalgia and Christmas that keeps me coming back.  

Who would perform the soundtrack to your life?
The Magnetic Fields. The score would be by Zbigniew Preisner. It would be the weirdest combination ever.

Name two reasons why you love the North and are so excited to discover new talent within the region?
I love the people and being able to afford property! 
Everyone knows the North is full of creative talent and cultural organisations – just look at how we dominate the UK theatre awards - but film has so many barriers that not many decide to pursue it or even know where to begin. That makes me really sad because film is most people’s first encounter with story. I want to make sure I’m as accessible and visible across the region as possible so people do know where to come for funding and support. Reaching those voices is what excites me most and the fact I get to do it in a region I love and is already flourishing with talent makes my job even more satisfying. 

Tea or coffee?
I live in the North so it’s a brew of course!