Meet this year’s mentees and who they’ve been paired with..

12 November 2018

For a second year under the BFI NETWORK umbrella of professional development opportunities, this year’s BFI NETWORK x BAFTA Crew programme for 150 writers, directors and producers actively working towards their debut feature, kicked off its roster of events in July. This year’s programme includes funding a debut, finding representation and conducting yourself on set, as well as roundtable discussions with BAFTA-winners and nominees.

From this cohort, we’re delighted to have selected 21 filmmakers from underrepresented groups who will be mentored by a more senior figure from the film industry, while developing professional connections and gaining an overview on making a debut feature.

These bespoke mentor relationships will be complemented by a rich programme of events and networking opportunities for our selected filmmakers to meet and exchange ideas with each other, the wider BFI NETWORK x BAFTA Crew cohort and the film industry.

Meet the mentees and their mentors below (in alphabetical order):

  • Alice Lusher (producer) - Katherine Bridle (Head of Film Development, See-Saw)
  • Alysia Maciejowska (producer) - Claire Mundell (BAFTA Scotland-winning producer Crying With Laughter, The Cry)
  • Benjamin Bee (director) - Tom Harper (BAFTA-nominated director, War & Peace, Wild Rose)
  • Cassiah Joski-Jethi (writer) - Angeli Macfarlane (Development Producer, Film London) 
  • Charlotte Regan (director) - William Oldroyd (BAFTA-nominated director, Lady Macbeth)
  • Claire Nicol (writer) - Stephen Beresford (BAFTA-winning writer, Pride)
  • Colum Eastwood (director) - Gareth Tunley (BAFTA-nominated writer-director, The Ghoul)
  • Dee Harvey (writer and interactive producer) - Dan Tucker (Executive Producer Immersive Content, BBC Studios, and Curator of Alternate Realities, Sheffield Doc Fest)
  • Dominic Curran (director) - Lisa Barros D'Sa & Glenn Leyburn (directors, Good Vibrations, Cherrybomb)
  • Fawzia Mahmood (producer) - Julia Nottingham (producer, Kingdom of Us)
  • Georgia Goggin (producer) - Emily Morgan (BAFTA-winning producer, I Am Not a Witch)
  • Joe McStravick (director) - Ben A Williams (BAFTA-nominated director, The Pass)
  • Jonathan Birch (director) - Rachel Robey (BATA Scotland-winning producer, The Levelling)
  • Lindsay Brown (director) - Morgan Matthews (BAFTA-winning director, Williams, X+Y)
  • Morayo Akande (writer) - Hope Dickson-Leach (BAFTA Scotland-winning writer-director, The Levelling)
  • Nour Wazzi (director) - Tina Gharavi (writer-director, I Am Nasrine)
  • PJ Hart (writer) - Celine Haddad (Creative Project Manager, Irish Film Board)
  • Raisah Ahmed (writer)  - Peter Mackie-Burns (director, Daphne)
  • Sade Adeniran (writer) - Misan Sagay (writer, Belle)
  • Sophie Reynolds (producer) - Ivana Mackinnon (producer, Beast)
  • Yemi Bamiro (documentary director) - Orlando von Einsiedel (BAFTA-nominated director, Virunga, The White Helmets)

‘Working with Hope has been brilliant. She is an honest and motivational mentor, who has given me encouraging advice and support. Hope is a fearless filmmaker who inspires me to push the boundaries within my films. Having her guidance has been invaluable and I’m really excited to continue developing our relationship and discussing future projects with her.’ - Morayo Akande

‘The mentorship has come at the perfect time for me as I’m developing Equinox, an elevated horror set in Ukraine. Having a producer as experienced as Rachel on hand to offer guidance as I set up my film is invaluable. So far we’ve discussed packaging and she’s been encouraging me to take a more original approach to casting. On the business side, as I’m planning a co-production with Ukraine, she is advising on the best way forward, and the best avenues for raising finance in the UK. I’m looking forward to having her input as I progress towards pre-production.’ - Jonathan Birch

‘BEAST was one of my favourite British films last year so I was thrilled to be paired up with Ivana. Before our first meeting I wrote down every question I have ever had about producing- ranging from complex to stupid and bombarded Ivana who was both accommodating and insightful. Since then, I have called her with the odd producer emergency and it feels great knowing she's at the end of the phone ready to offer knowledge and support if I need it.’ - Sophie Reynolds

‘I was delighted when I got word that I had been selected for the BFI Network x BAFTA Crew Mentoring, and even more so when they informed me that my mentor would be Ben A Williams. He would have been in a similar position to where I am now - career wise - a few years ago, so his advice and insight into how to navigate the film and TV industry, as a director and a writer/director, have been invaluable so far!’ - Joe McStravick