New talent funding plans in England: Your questions answered

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5 February 2018

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The Full Story, Daisy Jacobs (2017)
What funding is going to be available in April?
By the end of April 2018 new writers, directors and producers in England will be able to apply for funding for short films and for early feature development via their regional film hub. There will be a full description on our website of both types of funding, including the amounts you can apply for and eligibility criteria.
Where and how can I apply for funding?
Applications will be open on a rolling basis throughout the year. You’ll be able to apply via the BFI NETWORK website for funding, by completing application forms which will give you the opportunity to communicate your creative ambitions with us. Your application will then be reviewed by the Talent Executive in your regional Film Hub. Each application will have two chances to be supported – so if it doesn’t get supported on first review, it will be reviewed again by a different executive in another part of the country.  We’re doing this to ensure the widest engagement with your material, and to give you the confidence that your work has been adequately engaged with.
Who will the new executives be?
That’s a great question, and one that we don’t know the answer to just yet. Keep your eyes on the website, the roles are currently being advertised and once the Execs are appointed we’ll let you know who they are and how you can get in touch with them.
How will they work within the regions and how will funding decisions be made?
The new execs will be visible and actively scouting for new talent. We’ll have a published set of criteria that decisions will be made against. Ultimately at the heart of what we’re doing is an ambition to champion new, dynamic voices and storytellers. On a more practical note, once funding has been agreed, the exec will work with the filmmaker to help them realise the best version possible of their project .
What if I’m unsure about who my exec will be?
To find out who your exec is, you’ll just need to pinpoint the hub that is closest to you. You’ll be able to find out more about each executive, and the funding and professional development that is available to you, on our website.
What does this have to do with the Film Audience Network? 
The Talent Execs are housed in, and work collaboratively with, the five film hubs that lead the BFI Film Audience Network in England. This means exciting connections can be forged between filmmakers and audiences, taking place within a buzzing network of cinema venues and film bodies. For more information, take a look at the FAN website.
What other opportunities will be available to me if I don’t receive shorts funding?
There will be lots of opportunities available beyond funding. The execs in each region will be building vibrant, connected, energetic filmmaking communities, where there will be opportunities to meet your peers, find potential collaborators and continue your professional development. Each hub is developing plans for regional activity so look out for updates from April onwards about events and opportunities. 
How many shorts will be funded in each region?
To ensure our funding is as responsive as possible, we won’t be setting fixed numbers for the short film or early development awards in each region. While we can only respond to the applications that come in, we are very much hoping to see a spread of awards across all five regions, and a greater degree of project development taking place outside of London.  
How will the hubs be connected to the BFI Film Fund?
The Film Fund will be working closely with the regional Talent Executives, both in administering the two types of funding and giving the formal agreement needed for the funding awards. 
I live in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. How will these changes affect me?
If you’re based outside of England, then you would still apply to your National Funding agency for NETWORK funding. These agencies are Ffilm Cymru Wales, Northern Ireland Screen and the Scottish Film Talent Network.
I’m a writer or a writer/director and don’t currently have a producer. Will I still be able to apply?
Whilst having a producer attached to your project will certainly strengthen your application we will be welcoming applications from writers or writer/directors that don’t yet have a producer attached.
Can new talent apply with experienced producers attached?
Yes, we are very much looking forward to working with experienced producers to help support new writers and directors together.