Postroom Slate and Update

We announce our slate of 10 Postroom Pick Shorts as well as some updates on how the Postroom will work moving forward

7 December 2018

It’s been a year of discovery and collaboration for us at BFI NETWORK, as each month we’ve dived into the Postroom to select the new voice that spoke to us most urgently, compellingly, cheekily, and many other adverbs besides. Today we’re sharing news of the films that we’ve chosen, and an update on how the Postroom will work going ahead: a move away from funding picks and towards showcasing an even wider range of new work.  

The Slate
We are delighted to share our slate of current projects: ten short films that represent an exciting mix of up and coming talents that we’re loving working with.


Written by Hector Dockrill & Laura Dockrill, Directed by Hector Dockrill, Produced by Benedict Turnbull

In the aftermath of her older brother’s death, 11-year-old Viola is struggling to process her grief. With only her mother and precious pet goldfish for company, her rosy view of the world is turned upside down until she finds a letter from a stranger that changes everything.

White Girl          

Written by Omar El-Khairy, Directed by Nadia Latif, Produced by Brett Webb

Beth, a white teenager, wanders the streets of East London on a dark evening. At first she appears lost, but over the course of the night her interactions with city dwellers take a sinister turn.

Pitch Black Panacea

Written & Directed by Thomas Hardiman, Produced by Gloria Bowman

Would you volunteer to spend ten days in total darkness? That’s what Amy and Carl, two New York strangers have signed up for as part of a new neurological experiment. A short film about perception, Pitch Black Panacea follows the pair as they embark on the process together in hopes of resetting a common trait – their lazy eyes.  

Sudden Light

Written & Directed by Sophie Littman, Produced by Tom Wood

Teenage sisters Mia and Squeeze are out walking their dog when they take a wrong turn. Their surroundings become unfamiliar, and a strange man appears on the periphery. As reality seems to unravel for the sisters, Mia begins to feel trapped by her fear of responsibility and the illness of their father.

Valerie Venus   

Written & Directed by Sarah Clift

At 55, Vicar’s wife Valerie is more domestic appliance than woman. After a visit from the Virgin Mary however, she ditches the rubber gloves and embarks on a journey to new-born deity.

Dawn in the Dark            

Written & Directed by Runyararo Mapfumo, Produced by Grace Bridger

On the eve of her father’s birthday, Dawn and her fun Uncle Nate struggle over her bedtime routine. A new dynamic to their relationship is explored as they navigate their way through a family crisis.


Written & Directed by Yero Timi-Biu, Produced by Katie Sinclair

Teenager Mariam thinks she has her life under control. Simultaneously caring for her younger sister and grandfather, who suffers from dementia, she’s able to keep things afloat with help from her best friend Ade until one fateful day that sends everything spinning into orbit.

Salvation Has No Name

Written & Directed by Joseph Wallace, Produced by Loran Dunn

A troupe of puppet circus performers come together to tell the story of a Priest who finds a refugee washed up on a beach.

New Year           

Written & Directed by Diana Gradinaru & Rory Waudby-Tolley, Produced by Becky Perryman

An animated short film set over two time periods, New Year follows a boy obsessed with the Y2K bug in 1999, and in the distant future, a girl training to be a priest in a religion based upon the ‘artefacts’ left behind by the boy.


Written & Directed by Dominica Harrison, Produced by Abigail Addison

A child spends an idyllic summer playing with her dog and exploring the wilderness, until her mother introduces her to a new person in her life.

Postroom 2.0

Having built up a full slate of films, we’re changing gear with the Postroom to make the most of its ability to surface the best new work and share it with the world. It will continue as a space where new filmmakers can share their work directly with BFI NETWORK and the wider industry can discover and engage with new talent across the UK. Our regular feature The Best of the Postroom will select must-see new work and highlight it publicly to industry and audiences.

This means we will no longer be funding work via the Postroom Picks process and all new filmmakers looking for funding should take a look at our Funding Finder page. Here you will find information on the BFI NETWORK Short Film & Early Development funds which are open all year round to filmmakers in England, as well as the funding opportunities offered by our partners in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We won’t be making any further Picks that lead to funding, but if you’ve already submitted work we may select this to showcase online or you may be contacted by industry figures who’ve seen your work and want to know more.

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