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NET.WORK talks

We get up close and personal with people who have a great understanding of how the UK film industry works, and discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist for emerging filmmakers. 

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Lewis and Matimba met up to talk about Lewis' career directing iconic TV like Humans, Broadchurch and Banana.
Daniel Kaluuya and Matimba Kabalika
Daniel Kaluuya joins Matimba in her kitchen to talk about writing Skins at 17 years old, shaking up Hollywood and working with people who have something to say.
Close up of Clare Stewart
The 61st BFI London Film Festival 2017 is here! Back in February we spoke to the festival's director Clare Stewart on growing such a world renowned festival.
In this episode of the BFI NETWORK podcast Talent Development Manager Matimba Kabalika travels to Yorkshire to talk to writer/director Francis Lee about the making of his critically acclaimed debut feature, God's Own Country.
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Producer Ivana Mackinnon, writer Bola Agbaje and director Caroline Bartleet talk about the challenges and opportunities in the film industry.
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Development Exec Angeli MacFarlane untangles storytelling with a group of filmmakers who had submitted to the Postroom.
Angeli Mcfarlane giving a lecture
In this episode, Development Exec Angeli tackles character development: what should you be asking your character and how do they relate to other people, places and problems.
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Development Executive Angeli asks some tough questions in this episode, including how to find a unique and different voice as a writer and how do you know if your script is any good?
Ben Roberts
Ben Roberts, Director of the BFI Film Fund, discusses the current landscape for filmmakers trying to make their first feature and how the BFI can support them.
Rachel Prior
Rachael Prior, Big Talk Pictures, talks about how she finds new writers, what she's looking for and working with some of the biggest writers in UK comedy.