Beneath the Surface

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This month's pick
February 2018
Beneath the Surface 2017
By Yero Timi-Biu
4:00 minutes
Beneath the Surface is a comedy-drama animation about two friends growing up in the same world but experiencing it differently due to the shade of their skin.

BENEATH THE SURFACE puts a unique, fresh and specific lens on female friendship in a way that really stood out for us, and this made it a no brainier for a NETWORK Pick. We’re very excited to see what Yero does next.


Beneath the Surface

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About the filmmaker: Yero Timi-Biu
Yero is an East-London based award-winning TV, theatre and film writer, director and producer. She has written and produced two films for Channel 4’s Random Acts, ‘Beneath the Surface’, and ‘Two Minutes’. Alongside making her own content, Yero works on the commissioning team at BBC Films and has various long and short-form projects in development.
I wrote the script for Beneath the Surface when I was working with lots of women of colour. I started to notice that the way in which people treat black women, when it comes to difference in skin tone, isn’t spoken about enough. I picked animation because I felt like it was the only medium that had endless possibilities for storytelling.
Yero Timi-Biu