British by the Grace of God

a woman stands in her living room with union jack flats hanging on the wall behind her
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July 2017
British by the Grace of God 2017
By Sean Dunn
Clip: 0.40 minutes
Set in Scotland during the summer of the ‘Brexit’ referendum, the story follows Irene as she struggles to find her place in the world as a mother and wife.

British by the Grace of God will have you in its grasp from the very first frame. From the complex, messy, characters who feel so real, to Sean's nuanced direction which allows the dark and the mundane to co-exist so perfectly, the film is a must watch.


British by the Grace of God

About the filmmaker: Sean Dunn

Sean Robert Dunn is a writer and director, who has produced films which have played at film festivals such as Locarno, Sundance, New Orleans and Chicago International Film Festivals, as well as many more. He is interested in telling stories which have a universal reach and relevance, but which are grounded in Scotland and the wider United Kingdom. He is a graduate of Columbia University in New York, concentrating in screenwriting and directing. He is currently developing his first feature of which he is writer/director.


To shoot the film on the streets of my hometown of Edinburgh was humbling, and collaborating with local talent - some whom I went to school with - was a great process.

We shot the film three weeks after the European referendum and the general sense amongst the cast and crew that we were striking a chord was palpable.

Sean Dunn