February 2016
two girls are playing table football outside in a park
This month's pick
February 2016
Flâner 2015
By Cecile Emeke - Director
17:47 minutes
Cecile takes a stroll with Gaëlle and Christelle near Pont De Choisy, Paris.

Flâner stood out to us because of Cecile’s strong, dynamic voice, and its refreshing approach in the way it looks at what it means to be a young, black woman living in Paris today.



About the filmmaker: Cecile Emeke - Director

Cecile Emeke is a director, writer and artist from London. She is most widely known for the online documentary series 'Strolling' and the short film turned series 'Ackee & Saltfish'. She has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, BBC, i-D, and Dazed.

Cecile has presented and showcased her work cultural and academic institutions including Cambridge University, SOAS, Southbank Centre, and The Brooklyn Museum. Her work has been featured at BFI London Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, American Black Film Festival, and Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. She was selected as one of Broadcast Magazine's 2015 Hot Shots.

Flâner was the beginning of exploring, highlighting and connecting stories of the black diaspora outside of the UK and in Europe. I found that the best way to approach such a huge and generalised topic was to be as specific and intimate as possible, so I met up with Gaêlle and Christelle, we talked for hours, spent the day together and I captured some of it on film.

Cecile Emeke