a young girl standing against a brick wall with a shadow across her
This month's pick
Sophie Littman
April 2017
Jellyfish 2017
By Sophie Littman
02:10 minutes
Jellyfish are the oldest multi-organ animal and Eloise just failed her biology test today.

Jellyfish really stayed with me, even after a few watches. The subtlety, the poetry, and the very beautiful way it moves between the mundane and life-changing really struck a chord.



About the filmmaker: Sophie Littman
Sophie is a London based filmmaker with a background in Fine Art. Her films have been screened at festivals including Aesthetica and LSFF, as well as on online platforms such as Nowness and It’s Nice That, and broadcast on Channel 4 as part of Random Acts. 

After watching my little sister cope with the loss of our dad I wanted to make a small film touching on grief without it being totally focussed on that as a subject, and to create a little insight into her thoughts at the time.

Sophie Littman