Mickey & Michaela Bury Their Dad

October 2015
A boy and girl drag a body bag through the woods
This month's pick
Filmmaker Tom George
October 2015
Mickey & Michaela Bury Their Dad 2013
By Tom George - Writer/Director
8:15 minutes
All Michaela wants is to give her dad a decent send off. She isn't about to let her brother Mickey or the mysterious circumstances of their father's death spoil the day.

Dark humour is very much the order of the day in Mickey & Michaela Bury Their Dad. With its play on expectations, strong performances and slick execution, the film was a clear choice for this month’s Postroom pick.


Mickey & Michaela Bury Their Dad

About the filmmaker: Tom George - Writer/Director

Tom is a writer and director working in comedy and drama. Mickey & Michaela Bury Their Dad is his second short film and the first that he has not instructed to be burned. His recent work includes an online series for Comedy Central, USA and seven episodes of CBBC series Hank Zipzer starring Henry Winkler.

I’m interested in characters you can’t quite get a firm grip on. When you think you have them worked out, they do or say something that makes you question them all over again.

Tom George