Mind The Gap

December 2015
A elderly lady sits on a bench on the London underground waiting for a train to arrive.
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December 2015
Mind The Gap 2015
By Luke Flanagan - Writer/Director
07:16 minutes
'Mind The Gap', the iconic message heard by millions on the London Tube was first recorded over 40 years ago. The voice belonged to actor, Oswald Laurence. After passing in 2007, his widow, Margaret, would frequently visit the one station still playing his voice until one day, when she discovered that it had been replaced.

Based on a true story, Mind The Gap, from filmmaker Luke Flanagan is beautifully shot, full of heart, with a notable performance from Elieen Nicholas. 


Mind The Gap

About the filmmaker: Luke Flanagan - Writer/Director

I'm a London based filmmaker and photographer. I like to treat the places and the people I photograph as a series of scouting missions that inform the types of locations and characters I wish later to recreate on film. The city the film set, its inhabitants the actors.

The film was shot over three cold winter days. Having extensively scouted London Underground stations, we chose Barbican and Bank for their wide variety of shot opportunities and fitting architectural qualities.

Luke Flanagan