Natural Disaster

a man made of magazine cut outs
This month's pick
February 2018
Natural Disaster 2014
By Joseph Wallace
4:45 minutes
Mark has just lost his job and his day is about to get a whole lot worse. A domestic tragedy exploring the surreal nature of losing someone you love.

Joseph's short immediately stood out to us with its tongue in cheek melodrama, wild dream sequence and hilariously odd visual style.


Natural Disaster

About the filmmaker: Joseph Wallace
Joseph Wallace is a BAFTA Cyrmu nominated animation and puppetry director. His short films have received acclaim and screened at festivals internationally as well as receiving Vimeo Staff Picks. Joseph has written and directed for theatre, created animated projections for stage and worked as a puppetry consultant and dramaturg. In 2015 he was made a BBC Performing Arts Fellow and in 2017 won the Visegrad Animation Forum. He attended the prestigious training course Animation Sans Frontières, is active as a writer and lecturer, and curated the film programme of the 2015 Bristol Festival of Puppetry.

It’s essentially a film about the surreal nature of losing someone you love and how your grip on reality can loosen in that situation. It considers these very personal moments of vulnerability within the context of the wider world.

Jospeh Wallace