Old Snake

This month's pick
August 2018
Old Snake 2018
By Dominica Harrison
1:40 Minutes
In a child’s poem, an old snake swirls in a world of desire, and finally twists and turns into purples, blues, and browns.

We love Dominica's inventive short that surprised us in it's epic feel and strikingly bold style. Old Snake was awarded a NETWORK Pick after being featured in our Sping Best Of selection and judged by a panel made up of Simon Cartwright, Jez Stewart, David Kimbangi & Matimba Kabalika.


Old Snake

About the filmmaker: Dominica Harrison

Originally from Moscow, Dominica has been living in the UK for over 5 years. She studied Animation in Edinburgh College of Art where she made her graduation film ‘Illusions’ that was screened in over 30 festivals all over the world. The film won awards in major animation competitions as well as art shows. Since her graduation she’s been involved in the making of a feature film Loving Vincent, as well as working for animation studios in Bangkok and London. She is currently developing a new short film.

When I was approached by Nancy and Josh about participating in this project I immediately fell in love with the idea. As filmmakers, we were able to choose the poems we'd most like to work with. ‘The Old Snake Fell Asleep On The Grass’ had a certain darkness and mystery to it, which I found fascinating, considering that it was written by such a young human being. I wanted to play with that slightly sinister quality of the poem and present a film that was directed towards adult audiences well as children.

Dominica Harrison