Radical Hardcore

A red head lady lies on a carpet
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April 2016
Radical Hardcore 2016
By Dear Mr Quistgaard
4:30 minutes
Classic tales of romance span centuries, taking place everywhere and anywhere. Arthurian England, Mount Olympus, Ancient Egypt. Now, in Radical Hardcore, it’s a carpet store. Radical Hardcore is an absurdist take on a music video, a love story and an infomercial: Wikipedia on the dancefloor.

Dear Mr. Quistgaard’s bonkers carpet-store romance grabbed our attention with its mix of hypnotic techno and 17th century weaving history. Bold aesthetics, unique vision and purple sea snails make this film a standout. A refreshing dose of WTF. 


Radical Hardcore

About the filmmaker: Dear Mr Quistgaard

Quistgaard’s film work began this year with a series of three shorts entitled Radical Hardcore, Stories Without Endings and A Duck In The Dojo, all of which can be found via Somesuch

I’m a big fan of carpets and had been hanging around carpet shops for a while, knowing I liked them but not knowing how to turn, what I guess is a niche interest, into something more. Then I was in the second of Slough’s two Carpet Right’s (as you drive East to West) and just thought: this would be a nice place to fall in love.
Dear Mr Quistgaard