RAJAI 03.05.16.

extreme close up of a main characters face
This month's pick
September 2016
RAJAI 03.05.16. 2016
By Hector Dockrill
05:00 minutes
After being stabbed in the heart, the back and the arm over where he lives, Rajai gives a refreshing view on the situation where he refuses to involve himself.

Hector brings us up close and personal to Rajai in his powerful short that examines the fragile line between life and death. 


RAJAI 03.05.16.

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About the filmmaker: Hector Dockrill

Hector got his hands on a camera a few years ago and started self shooting music videos. Character particularly interests him and tends to be the core of his work, the locals in his area inspired him into documenting real people and his style is prodomientaly focused around culture and realism.

After knowing Rajai for most of my life, I wanted to give a him a voice and to pull a positive out of a negative... even if it only changes one persons attitude then that's good enough for me.

Hector Dockrill