a video of a baby being projected on to a shed in a garden
This month's pick
July 2016
Rituals 2015
By Daisy Moore
8:20 minutes
Since childhood Daisy's family have shared the ritual of going to their caravan in Friog, Wales. Whilst her sister looks to the sky, the stars and the galaxy, Daisy can’t help but look into the mirror that is the blue lake. What will happen when the lake lures her to look past her reflection.

There is something deeply personal, and deeply relatable about Moore's debut. Brimming with a sense of nostalgia and fantasy, Rituals is beguiling and abundantly rich, and has kept us under its spell since the first viewing.



About the filmmaker: Daisy Moore
Daisy is an actor and filmmaker originally from the Midlands but now based in London. She went from studying Fashion Design at the University of Westminster to following her instincts into becoming an actor, leading her to work on projects such as Starfish (released in September 2016) alongside Joanne Froggatt and enabling her to explore Japan, LA and Scotland to film Devon Avery and Sean Crouch's debut feature Synced. 
Using her initiative to create her own work and opportunities Daisy made Rituals, although this is her debut film she has been encouraged to continue her venture into filmmaking after being nominated for Woman Director of the Year and winning the Kodak award for Best Cinematography at the London Short Film Festival.

I wanted to make a film inspired by the Orson Welles quote, "A film is a ribbon of dreams." I think life echoes this, a mixture of truth, memories and fantasy. This theme influenced my use of mixed formats and switching between genres. I think a personal story is a universal one and I've gladly seen people take a variety of different stories from this film. 

Daisy Moore