three girls sitting on the ground against a stone wall
This month's pick
August 2016
Run 2016
By Thea Gajic
7:10 minutes
Within a humorous yet delicate take on male indecision, soft tones and articulate glances quietly assert the indomitable strength of feminine vulnerability.

Thea beautifully captures the nuance of early attraction, moving seamlessly between the poetic and the prosaic to create a film that feels at once very lyrical and truthful. 



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About the filmmaker: Thea Gajic

Thea is an actress and writer born and raised in South London. She has performed at The Old Vic, Soho Theatre and is a member of The National Youth Theatre. She draws a lot of inspiration from foreign film and aims to focus on the interesting nuances of human behaviour. Follow her @theagajic.

I made the film initially because I wanted to bring to life some prose I wrote on male indecision... And then to prove that there is drama in simplicity.

Thea Gajic