Vintage Blood

a women stands outside her shop with the word EVIL spray painted onto it.
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May 2016
Vintage Blood 2015
By Abigail Blackmore
13:40 minutes
The owner of a quirky vintage clothes shop discovers her fiancé's life is in danger when a cursed Ouija board comes into her possession.

Revenge, clowns and ouija boards are the order of the day in Abi's darkly comic Vintage Blood. Beware, you'll never look at a pair of second hand curtains the same way again!


Vintage Blood

About the filmmaker: Abigail Blackmore

Abi trained as an actor and improviser before finding the courage to start writing her own stuff. In 2008, she took a sketch show to the Edinburgh Fringe and started making shorts for her YouTube channel. Her first "proper" short as writer/producer/editor/actor, Blind Date, won rave reviews, two US Audience Awards and got her an agent and a pilot commission from Ch4. Since then, she's developed various projects for TV production companies and is about to direct her first feature film. Her work can be seen on her website 

Vintage Blood is my first "proper" short as writer/director (ie. I had a full crew instead of just bringing my mates). l managed to get some excellent actors involved which saves a lot of time on set and definitely elevates the work. 

Abigail Blackmore