When I See You, I See Me

January 2016
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January 2016
When I See You, I See Me 2015
By Rohan Blair-Mangat - Director
04:21 minutes
Produced in conjunction with Adidas Orginals and Tate Britain, 'When I See You, I See Me' is a short film that charts Wretch 32's life from a North London estate to rap superstar. The film examines the trials of modern day celebrity, documenting the drive and persistence it takes to reach the top, echoing Wretch's own story.

What I love most about Rohan’s film is that it captures the comforting atmosphere of how inspiring London can be. From the textures of the tiny box windows on imposing high rises to the gentle twirl of hair, art echoes everywhere for everyone to hear. 

Mary Burke - Senior Exec, BFI

When I See You, I See Me

About the filmmaker: Rohan Blair-Mangat - Director

London based director Rohan Blair-Mangat graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Fine Art. His varied projects have led him to work with talents such as Snoop Lion, Lionel Messi and Rita Ora, directing for clients including Adidas, Vice, Land Rover, Dazed & Confused and Nike.

Wretch has always been an artist that I admire so I jumped at the chance to collaborate with him. It was a very enriching process creatively, and we wanted to produce something authentic and emotive to inspire people. I’m really proud of what we have achieved and it was amazing to shoot within the Tate Britain. Thanks to Wretch and the team at Adidas for the opportunity.
Rohan Blair-Mangat