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This month's pick
March 2016
White 2013
By Dean Loxton - Writer/Director
10:58 minutes
A struggling Hollywood actress has a sideline, working through the night to support her dream.

We really loved the energy of 'White'. The film was entirely improvised, and the intimacy of the cinematography, and the elliptical nature of the interactions between the characters lured us in from the get go.



About the filmmaker: Dean Loxton - Writer/Director
Dean studied acting at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. In 2011 he directed 4 'devised on the day' improvised films including 'Metro 7 bis' which was shot in Paris. 'White' which he made in Los Angeles while attending Palm Springs Shortfest. In 2012 he wrote and directed 'Under'. His latest film 'Dániel' was nominated for an Iris Prize and was one of the BFI’s '10 to try’ at the London Short Film Festival 2016.

'White' was shot in West Hollywood on our way to Palm Springs Shortfest where we had a short film 'Metro 7 bis' showing. I decided on the overall concept and we created characters once we had confirmation of actors availability. We shot in one night and it was improvised. 

Dean Loxton