White Girl

drawing of a rucksack with its contents splayed out on the floor, spatters of blood all over it.
Beth is seemingly lost. As she wanders around seeking out help from strangers, her interactions take darker turns. Terror lies around every corner.

When this script came into the Postroom it smacked us in the face with its highly politicised, bold and brave genre narrative. We are really excited to see what these theatre makers can do with their first short.


White Girl

About the filmmaker: Nadia Latif

Nadia Latif, Director
Nadia is a theatre maker and film director. She trained as a director at RADA under Bill Gaskill. She works exclusively in new writing, and has worked with writers including Abi Morgan, Harold Pinter, Ella Hickson, Brad Birch, Ben Ockrent and Naomi Wallace. She has worked for buildings including the Almeida, Royal Shakespeare Company, National, Bush, Theatre503 and Arcola. She has worked on some short documentaries, and is currently developing a number of short and feature length film projects. She dabbles in journalism, writing about the intersections of race, gender and popular culture. In 2015 she co- created Homegrown with Omar, which was finally published earlier this year. 


Omar El-Khairy, Writer
Omar is a playwright, screenwriter and essayist. He is a former Leverhulme Associate Playwright at the Bush Theatre. His plays include Burst, Sour Lips, The Keepers of Infinite Space and The Chaplain: or, a short tale of how we learned to love good Muslims whilst torturing bad ones. His last play Homegrown was originally commissioned as part of the National Youth Theatre’s 2015 season. Omar is also a founding member of both Paper Tiger, a collective of theatre and filmmakers, working collaboratively and autonomously, and Shade, a digital magazine covering art, culture and politics. His first short film No Exit received its world premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival 2014, and screened both nationally and internationally. He is currently developing a feature-length documentary about the boxer Prince Naseem Hamed with Elhum Shakerifar and Postcode Films. 


Brett Webb, Producer
Brett has managed budgets, productions and creative elements, across a varied range of productions globally. From producing micro to bigbudget commercials, music videos and short films. With a passion for feature films he left an 8 year stay at the production company Partizan to pursue a career in features, in 2016 he joined the production team for Lions Gate’s ‘Robin Hood’, and spent 14 months on the project, through pre-production, production and post as assistant to the director Otto Bathurst.

White Girl is about subverting audience expectations of the narratives and genres accessible to artists of colour. What might a “black” horror film really look like? Is blackness about who makes a film, who watches a film, or how we watch it? We didn’t want to create a ghettoised narrative. For too long have artists of colour only been invited to critique their own perceived communities through kitchen-sink realism. We are inundated with “gritty” stories of hyper-masculine black youth, gang violence, FGM, honour killings and so on. And as artists of colour we have long thought - when do WE get to criticise YOU? We want to show solidarity with the terrors of PoC through how well we understand the monster of whiteness, and particularly in this story, the horrors of white feminism as it impacts on PoC. 

Nadia Latif