a man made of magazine cut outs
By Joseph Wallace
Mark has just lost his job and his day is about to get a whole lot worse. A domestic tragedy exploring the surreal nature of losing someone you love.
February 2018
a man with birds flying around his head
By Diana Gradinaru & Rory Waudby-Tolley
In 1999 a boy becomes obsessed with the Y2K bug. In the future a girl is learning to be a priest in a religion based upon the artefacts left behind by the boy.
February 2018
a woman on a motorbike driving down a scenic road
By Sarah Clift
A Mexican mother embarks upon an epic journey across land and through her politics, to find her son’s birthday request - a Donald Trump piñata.
October 2017
five young men stand in a circle talking
By Runyararo Mapfumo
A group of young men try to interpret their friend's art so they can save face and show support.
August 2017
a woman stands in her living room with union jack flats hanging on the wall behind her
By Sean Dunn
Set in Scotland during the summer of the ‘Brexit’ referendum, the story follows Irene as she struggles to find her place in the world as a mother and wife.
July 2017
a misty field with a small winding road and derelict
By Paddy Campbell & Rachna Suri
Ox Mountain Death Song follows the epic hunt of a dangerous, unrepentant criminal by a police officer, across a remote mountain range in Ireland.
May 2017
a young girl standing against a brick wall with a shadow across her
By Sophie Littman
Jellyfish are the oldest multi-organ animal and Eloise just failed her biology test today; a young girl reflects on her current situation.
April 2017
cartoon drawing of a man
By Rory Waudby-Tolley
Mr Madila documents a series of conversations between the filmmaker and a gifted spiritual healer.
January 2017
close up of a lady in the cinema with popcorn and drink
By Charlie Lyne
A teenage filmmaker successfully raises $100,000 to shoot a pioneering horror film. 25 years later, he tells the story of a cult classic that never was.
October 2016
extreme close up of a main characters face
By Hector Dockrill
After being stabbed in the heart, the back and the arm over where he lives, Rajai gives a refreshing view on the situation where he refuses to involve himself.
September 2016
three girls sitting on the ground against a stone wall


By Thea Gajic
Within a humorous yet delicate take on male indecision, soft tones and articulate glances quietly assert the indomitable strength of feminine vulnerability.
August 2016
a video of a baby being projected on to a shed in a garden
By Daisy Moore
Daisy repeats a ritual to the point where she turns her tales of the sea into reality, but what does reality entail.
July 2016