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a video of a baby being projected on to a shed in a garden
By Daisy Moore
Daisy repeats a ritual to the point where she turns her tales of the sea into reality, but what does reality entail.
July 2016
Close up on a mans face
By Ian Waugh
On a rundown Scottish Highland croft, Georgios discovers the stark difference between choosing to disappear and losing yourself completely.
June 2016
a women stands outside her shop with the word EVIL spray painted onto it.
By Abigail Blackmore
The owner of a quirky vintage clothes shop discovers her fiancé's life is in danger when a cursed Ouija board comes into her possession.
May 2016
A red head lady lies on a carpet
By Dear Mr Quistgaard
Classic tales of romance span centuries, taking place everywhere and anywhere, Arthurian England to Mount Olympus. Now, it’s a carpet store.
April 2016
A girl sits in the drivers seat of her car with her feet up on the seat
By Dean Loxton - Writer/Director
A struggling Hollywood actress has a sideline, working through the night to support her dream.
March 2016
two girls are playing table football outside in a park
By Cecile Emeke - Director
Cecile takes a stroll with Gaëlle and Christelle near Pont De Choisy, Paris.
February 2016
A man looking to his right in an art gallery
By Rohan Blair-Mangat - Director
Wretch 32's life from a North London estate to rap superstar unfolds in this poetic short.
January 2016
A elderly lady sits on a bench on the London underground waiting for a train to arrive.
By Luke Flanagan - Writer/Director
Margaret frequently visits the one tube station playing the original “Mind The Gap”, until she discovers it has been replaced.
December 2015
Close up of Hasidic Jewish boy sitting on his bed.
By Billy Lumby - Writer/Director
The powerful story of Shmilu, a Hasidic Jew in crisis, torn between his community and the romantic possibilities of trendy East London.
November 2015
A boy and girl drag a body bag through the woods
By Tom George - Writer/Director
All Michaela wants is to give her dad a decent send off. She isn't about to let her brother Mickey or the mysterious circumstances of his death spoil the day.
October 2015
A young girl holding a flashlight wonders through the woods
By Fred Rowson - Writer/Director
The Woodhouse Nature Reserve is a sprawling hectare of knotted ivy and mossy tree stumps. And there, beyond the padlocked gates something, some creature is livi
September 2015
By Jason Bradbury – Director
On the windswept southern coast of the Isle of Wight, Anthony, torn between his boyfriend and bedridden mother, faces the quiet heartbreak of separation.
August 2015